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title. Premier Protein, make tasteful choices

awards & mentions. Winner of One Club Bootcamp 2017, Spring show award 2018 

creative team. Fredrik von Schreeb, Johanna Granlund, Gaelan Mundorf, Ian Blackley, Lavinia Lurvink, Alexander Elmfeldt Ronnmark 

Premier Protein is a protein shake lacking brand awareness with only 3% recognition and is also subsequently misattributed.


Their target audience is people who want to improve their health but need a guiding hand to follow-through to be able to make a permanent change.


Premium Protein has the nutrition you need and tastes great. Which helps you make a positive change you can stick with.


So, we gave the brand a voice: Joe, a relatable coach dressed in 80’s activewear who’s prompting you to make tasteful choices in life.

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