Creative Writer, Chef, Daniel Day-Lewis' illegitimate child

A soul searcher tossed out of a Harry Potter generation, eagerly trying to find his Hogwarts express towards new adventures. I blame 90's popular culture for cursing me with the body aching curiosity that will forever keep my mind in a Peter Pan Neverland. Although this curse has me awaken at night searching the web for my next thrill, it most certainly as well keeps me on track and has me facing every day trying to beat yesterday's Fredrik. And so the cycle continues. The goal is to be in the center of genius and stupid. Or as I like to call it, in the Andy Kaufman space. 

The Past, Present, and Future

Previously: Worked at the restaurant Sturehof in Stockholm, Sweden as head-waiter. Traveled the world.
Played European handball.


Currently: A 2020 quarantine graduate hungering for creative work like the tiger king, and making it personal like MJ.


Future: Working with storytelling and creative ideas. Ironman contestant. Filmmaker. Will have a big kitchen.

Read my resume. And if you like to know more, watch the film down below about my addiction.




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